Trusted Blue Auto Announces Sept. 3rd Launch of Automobile Repair & Maintenance Plan for Springfield, MO Area Residents

Like most other communities in the U.S., people in Springfield and the surrounding area are struggling to pay the high cost of auto repair and maintenance. Trusted Blue Auto is determined to help change that.

September 13, 2019

One of the foundations of many people (and families) being able to maintain a normal life and meet their responsibilities is having an automobile that is operating properly. Unfortunately, this can be expensive. The good news is, for those living in the Springfield, Missouri area, Trusted Blue Auto is offering a selection of low-cost automobile repair and maintenance plans that provide an exclusive 25% discount at multiple independently owned, full-service automobile repair shops. The participating shops are Overseas and Domestic Auto Repair, Graham Automotive, and all three Springfield Midas shops. The 25% discount is an all-the-time discount that applies to any services that the shops provide- ranging from oil changes and tune-ups to complete engine and transmission repair and replacement. There are no contracts, no waiting periods, no claims adjusters, and no hidden fees and pre-existing mechanical conditions are welcomed. Trusted Blue Auto also benefits businesses as well as individuals and families by offering inexpensive fleet service plans and employer paid or voluntary payroll deducted employee benefit plans for employees of any size business. Trusted Blue Auto’s services launched on September 3rd 2019. 

Trusted Blue Auto is owned by Jeff and Tara Morgan. The idea for Trusted Blue Auto came from Jeff realizing that he and Tara had spent more on labor at local auto repair shops while trying to get their kids’ car fixed than what the car was actually worth. Normal mechanic labor rates average between $80.00 and $100.00 per hour nationally with dealerships charging more. Trusted Blue Auto provides an exclusive 25% discount to their members on all labor provided by the contracted shops (parts not included). Trusted Blue Auto secures the reduced labor rate from the shops by using the power of collective buying. Trusted Blue Auto pools all of its monthly membership fees together and gives the repair shops a cut in order to persuade them to lower their normal shop rates for its members. Due to Tara experiencing a medical condition that left her with a severe spinal cord injury, a portion of Trusted Blue Auto’s sales goes to support RAMPS, an Empower:Abilities (formerly Southwest Center for Independent Living) program. The RAMPS program builds wheelchair ramps and walker steps (and installs grab bars and handrails) for people in the Springfield area who are elderly, disabled, or both.

Apart from having a full-time 25% discount on auto repair and maintenance, those who sign up with Trusted Blue Auto also receive additional discounts at multiple local automobile and non-automobile related businesses at no extra charge- which will help members save even more money. These discounts come from businesses such as Car-Fi, TR Fitness, Sho-Me Tint, and others who have partnered with Trusted Blue Auto. Trusted Blue Auto plans to continue partnering with any business that is willing to give it’s members a discount. Trusted Blue Auto also has a refer-a-friend program where members who refer their friends get rewarded with an additional discount for their effort.   

For more information about Trusted Blue Auto be sure to visit Media Contact : Jeff Morgan, jeff.morgan@trustedblueauto.comSource : Jeff Morgan Powered By GrowthZone