Partner With Us

    Do you own or manage an auto repair shop anywhere in the United States? Want more business? Join our network of partner shops and get new customers, lots of advertising, and an awesome reimbursement rate! There is no cost for a shop to join or participate in our network.

Do you own a business of any kind? Would you like to offer our members a discount on your products or services? If so, contact us. Businesses that give our members a discount of any kind or amount will be featured under the “Additional Discounts” tab at the top of this website. The business’s name, contact information, amount of discount, and website/social media links (if applicable) will be posted there. The business will also be mentioned on our social media and other channels. If you know someone who has a business that may want to give a discount and be featured here, tell them to contact us or let us know about them! 

We would love to talk to any business that would like to offer our plans to their employees as an employer paid or payroll deducted employee benefit. We would also be happy to talk to credit unions, labor unions, trade unions, etc. about providing our auto repair and maintenance plans at a discount to their members as a member perk (there is no cost to your organization).

   Want to be your own boss & have more money? Want to help other people? Become a commissioned Trusted Blue Auto Independent Associate. Our Independent Associates work on their own schedules as much or as little as they want (insurance agents/financial advisors, private individuals, etc. welcome!). 

Email or call us at 417-362-BLUE if you are interested in any of the above!



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