Partner With Us

    Do you own or manage an auto repair shop anywhere in the United States? Want more business? Join our network of partner shops and get new customers and lots of advertising. It costs up to 5x more to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one- we lower your cost of customer acquisition because we are actively marketing and promoting you. How does it work? We create beautiful custom one-time use gift certificates for your shop for free and you agree to honor those gift certificates when our customers come to you for services. When one of your gift certificates sell, we take a small commission for generating the certificate and selling it. If the gift certificate we create for you doesn’t sell, you get 100% free advertising (we use radio, TV, social media, billboards, etc.). If it does sell, you get almost all of the money collected. It is free to join our network and your listing on our site is free. The only transfer of money is from us to you. Sound good? Contact us!

We would love to talk to any business that would like to offer our gift certificates to their employees as a gift. We would also be happy to talk to credit unions, labor unions, trade unions, etc. about providing our auto repair and maintenance gift certificates at a discount to their members as a member perk (there is no cost to your organization).

   Want to be your own boss & have more money? Want to help other people? Become a commissioned Trusted Blue Auto Independent Associate. Our Independent Associates work on their own schedules as much or as little as they want (insurance agents/financial advisors, private individuals, etc. are welcome!). 

Email if you are interested in any of the above!