How It Works

Trusted Blue Auto is a subscription car care club that is contracted with multiple independently owned, ASE Certified, full-service auto repair shops in Springfield, Mountain Grove, Cabool, Mansfield, and St. Louis, Missouri, and Boston, Massachusetts. Our goal is to bring the cost of mechanical auto repair and maintenance down for people in these areas. The shops that we are contracted with have agreed to give our members what can only be described as absolutely incredible savings. Our members get no charge oil changes (including full synthetic), no charge tire rotations, and a whopping 25% all the time labor discount on auto repair and maintenance at any of our contracted mechanic shops (members also get additional discounts at local business of all kinds). The 25% labor discount applies to every mechanical service that the shops offer (engine, transmission, brakes, sensors, tune-ups, etc.). Why would the shops agree to do this for our members? Advertising is very expensive so the shops decided that they would rather save some advertising dollars and accept a fixed rate from us in exchange for us sending our members to them.


Normal mechanic labor rates usually range between $100.00 and $200.00 per hour nationally (depending on whether it is an independent shop or dealership). As mentioned, the mechanic shops that we have contracted with have agreed to discount their normal labor rates by 25% for all Trusted Blue Auto Members. This is a significant savings as labor frequently costs more than the part being installed. For example, a head gasket repair averages between $1,200 and $1,600. The gasket itself usually costs less than $280 (often can be purchased for less than $50 dollars), but the labor to install it averages over $1,000. An engine or transmission repair can easily cost you $2,000-$6,000 or more.


The shops have signed contracts with us agreeing not to charge our members a higher initial labor rate before discounting nor charge our members more for parts or shop supplies than they would a non-member. The shops have also agreed to provide copies of our members’ receipts to us so we can ensure that our members are getting charged appropriately.


There is no limit to the number of times you can use your 25% discount. All of our plans are pay as you go- no contracts. There are no waiting periods and there are no restrictions on the age, mileage, or condition of the vehicle. Pre-existing mechanical conditions are covered. In fact, your vehicle doesn’t even have to be currently running to qualify for the discount! We also offer fleet service plans and gift certificates!


When your vehicle needs a repair or maintenance service, simply sign in to the Trusted Blue Auto website or our mobile app with your phone (or other internet connected device of your choice) to prove to the shop that you are a Trusted Blue Auto member (our apps can be found at the bottom of our homepage). Your free oil change, tire rotation, or 25% discount will then be applied! No claim forms or pre-authorizations are required! No poring through long warranty contracts to look for exclusions! No worrying about denied claims because you don’t have to file any! One super low monthly membership cost, cancel anytime without penalty. You are only seconds away from your full-time discount- simply pick a plan and sign up for it. Your membership becomes active immediately.