About Us

The owners of Trusted Blue Auto, Jeff and Tara Morgan, have lived in Springfield, Missouri since the 1990’s. They have six kids- the last being born in 2011. In 2013, Tara experienced an unexpected and severe medical condition that put her on life support for two months and left her with a significant spinal cord injury (which is one reason why Trusted Blue Auto was happy to do a one year sponsorship of the RAMPS wheelchair program-see media page). Tara had to give up her professional job and has been unable to work since. With Tara no longer able to work and money being tight, Jeff and Tara had to tighten up their budget to get by. One of the effects of this was that their teenage kids had to share a used car to get to school, extra-curricular activities, and other places. 

The car was not in the best shape cosmetically, but it ran and only had 101,000 miles on it. Jeff is very mechanically inclined and performed the needed maintenance and repairs on it himself due to the high cost of professional auto repair. However, an electrical issue soon arose that he could not diagnose or fix himself. After several trips to different mechanic shops, Jeff realized that they had spent more for labor at the shops than what the car was actually worth. When the car became unable to start a short time later, they decided to sell it because they could no longer afford the maintenance and repair. The low mileage car got sold to a local auto salvage yard for a mere $180.00. This got Jeff to thinking that there has to be a way to help people manage the high costs of auto repair and maintenance so they can stay on the road in safe and dependable vehicles. 

Soon after, Trusted Blue Auto was born.

Jeff, Tara, and the staff at Trusted Blue Auto thank you for your business and for telling your friends and family about our company.